Kifco Water Reel

Kifco Water-Reels, designed and built by skilled craftsmen in the United States, are a portable irrigation option for irrigating crops, sports fields, parks, and more. They are also the way to go for dust management for horse arenas and construction sites as well as getting rid of wastewater. Kifco Water-Reels are easy to use with adjustable speed control to regulate run-time & application depth, and featuring automatic retraction and sprinkler shut-down. Kifco's are a set and go portable irrigation system, allowing you to irrigate acreage in a single unattended pass.
When needed, Booster Pumps provide additional pressure to your Water-Reel to maximize performance. Kifco offers a 1Hp Stand Alone Booster (pump only) as well as reel-mounted gasoline booster pumps. Kifco's standard engine driven reel-mounted booster pumps feature heavy-duty Franklin Electric centrifugal pumps close coupled to Honda, Kohler Kubota or Briggs & Stratton engines for compact, high performance, that mount directly to your Water-Reel. Engine driven booster pumps are equipped with electronic ignition, low flow shut-off, high temp blow off valve, fuel & air filters, muffler, choke and throttle to protect your investment and for safe operation.
O. A. Newton carries different models/sizes for different irrigation applications and are all equally easy to use. If you are interested in a reel for 2.8 to 11.6 acres, ask about our Ag-Rain models. For smaller projects (under 3.2 acres) you will want to look at the B-Series reels. Whether you are looking to irrigate your crops, water your athletic field or garden, suppress dust and condition the soil in your area, dispose of slurry waste, or simply beautify your commercial or residential property, we have an effective, affordable solution to meet your needs. Applications; Sports Field Irrigation Equestrian Agriculture and Farming Dust Suppression Turf and Landscape Industrial & Commerical