Drip/Micro Irrigation

Rivulis Irrigation provides industry-leading drip and micro irrigation solutions with a full line of irrigation products including drip lines, drip tapes, filters, hose and tubing, sprinklers, sprays, and valves.
It’s about applying the right amount of water at the right time throughout the whole season. An irrigation system comprised of Rivulis Irrigation products can generate greater yields using the same, or even less, water and nutrients than with previous water distribution systems.
With advanced product features and built-in reliability, we provide solutions for the above-ground or subsurface application of water and nutrients directly to the root zone of each plant.
Utilizing technology such as flow regulation, and automation, the wide range of high-quality components from Rivulis Irrigation provide the ability to precisely manage crops and drive better results.
Our full line of irrigation products includes control valves, fertilizer tanks, filters, hose and tubing, accessories, and emission devices. Our industry-leading emission devices include drippers, drip lines, drip tapes, jet sprays, micro sprinklers, and sprinklers.