E1000 Dripper

The E1000 Dripper is a non-regulated dripper with several key features that allow you to create the right irrigation system in your operation. Starting with the E1000 Dripper’s 2-part body construction, the E1000 can be disassembled and easily maintained in the field. All of the E1000 Drippers have a multi-function outlet port, providing numerous connection options for system components. Even the low profile of the E1000 Dripper helps to keep the irrigation system out of the way of everyday work. And with the color coding of the E1000 Dripper, you’ll easily know how to identify the flow rate. Under trees in orchards or in potted plants, there’s a E1000 Dripper made to keep you flowing.


Katif Flow Regulated Dripper

The Katif Flow Regulated Online Dripper delivers on several key features including a self flushing mechanism, low profile position, and a highly accurate flow regulating diaphragm. Combining all these features, the Katif Flow Regulated Online Dripper can be used in challenging topographical conditions and in long runs, without any worries.

And, because Katif Flow Regulated Drippers are made with durable materials, they are resistant to UV degradation and break down due to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in agriculture.


Supertif Flow Regulated Dripper

Supertif is the ideal choice for applications on sloping terrain or where long drip lines are required. Applications also include nurseries and landscape. For outstanding flow regulation and consistent flows over a wide range of pressures, the Supertif is the dripper for you.

The Supertif drippers can be configured to work with multibranching outlets or just the dripper itself. All of the Supertif drippers have a self-activated flushing mechanism and are manufactured with superior materials, for a long life.


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