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FLF Flow Regulated Fog Spray

Growers choose the FLF (Fogger – Low Flow) for irrigation and as a method to alter the humidity and the evaporative climate in both greenhouses and high tunnels. The FLF is so versatile that it is can be used as part of a cooling system in husbandry or for irrigation in both cutting propagation and seed germination.

Because of the unique vortex flow, the FLF delivers the finest droplets, even at low flow rates. Team up the FLF with an anti-leak mini-valve and you’ve got a system with some serious control. Once the irrigation system is shut off, there is no more flow through the fogger.


  • Vortex nozzle provides a spinning flow and minimizes clogging hazards
  • Available as a single fog spray assembled directly into the anti-leak mini-valve, or 2 and 4-outlet fog sprays compatible with the anti-leak H mini-valve


Jet + Jet Stream Spray, JFR Flow Regulated Jet Stream Spray

The Jet+ and Jet JFR Jet Stream Sprays deliver low angled streams for under tree applications in orchards or groves. Both of the jet stream sprays have no moving parts and the JFR has the added feature of flow regulation. The Jet+ and JFR Jet Stream Sprays have built-in insect guards, helping to keep the jets flowing with less maintenance. And with less maintenance, you can reduce labor costs associated with traditional one-piece jets.

Choose between 300 and 360 degree spray patterns and nozzle to achieve the desired spray pattern diameter and coverage area.


  • Built-in insect guard
  • Lower maintenance with no moving parts


Rondo Micro Sprinkler, RFR Flow Regulated Micro Sprinkler

The Rondo Micro Sprinkler is a great choice for orchards, greenhouses, and vegetable crops. With a wide range of configurable features and flexible installation options, the Rondo Micro Sprinkler can deliver the spray pattern that’s right for your crop. The Rondo Micro Sprinkler delivers gentle droplets and a consistent spray pattern while inverted in greenhouses, under the canopy in orchards and on metal stakes in vegetable fields.

The Rondo’s spray pattern size is moderate to wide and can be used for spacings of up to 7.5 meters by 7.5 meters. As an additional feature, Rondo is designed to be easily disassembled, allowing for both field maintenance and replacement of individual parts.

The Rondo Micro Sprinkler is available with optional features including nozzle connections, spinners, flow rates, an anti-insect snap-fit cup and numerous deflector plates, providing added protection and specialized spray patterns.


  • Rondo Flow Regulated (RFR)
  • Orchards, greenhouses, and vegetable crops
  • Configurable features and flexible installation options
  • Optional features: anti-insect cup


S2000 Micro Sprinkler

The S2000 Micro Sprinklers are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications including irrigation, cooling, and frost protection for orchards and groves. Built to last, the S2000 Micro Sprinkler line incorporates a strong bridge, built-in anti-insect device, and a wear resistant design. The S2000 Micro Sprinkler delivers a consistent spray pattern at a low angle, avoiding low hanging branches. The sprinklers can be configured with add-on features such as a spinner with a range limiter, for a smaller wetting diameter around young trees or a trunk protector to keep the spray away from the tree trunks. The sprinklers can be installed on the ground with a plastic stake or hung from a wire.

The S2000 Flow Regulated Micro Sprinkler has the added feature of flow regulation, extending the use of the sprinklers to applications with sloping fields and long lateral runs.

S2000 Micro Sprinkler Range Limiter

The S2000 Micro Sprinkler can be ordered with a Range Limiter Spinner. Once the tree is mature enough, the Range Limiter tab can be removed and the spray pattern enlarges to its standard diameter.

One or two Trunk Protectors can be added to any of the S2000 Micro Sprinklers. The Trunk Protector diverts the spray pattern away from the trunk, keeping it dry.


  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Built-in anti-insect device
  • Wear resistant design


S5000 Plastic Impact Sprinkler

The S5000 Plastic Impact Sprinklers are engineered to work in a variety of applications including fields using overhead, full-cover irrigation and orchards using under the canopy irrigation. The S5000 Plastic Impact Sprinkler is a well-balanced sprinkler that provides an even distribution of water.

The S5000 impact sprinkler is designed with a non-corrosive body with a stainless steel spring for durability, a green cover for protection against sand and dirt, and bayonet nozzles for easy field maintenance or replacement of parts. The sprinklers are available with either one or two nozzles and outfitted with a ½” male threaded connection.


  • Well balanced for even water distribution
  • Non-corrosive body with a stainless steel spring


Super XL Sprinkler

The Super XL Sprinkler is a slow rotating rotor sprinkler which produces a single continuous jet stream of water. Because of the continuous stream, the sprinkler creates a uniform wetting pattern in the field. Easy to assemble and dismantle, the Super XL sprinkler allows efficient installation and maintenance.

The Super XL Sprinkler can be mounted on PVC risers or used with adapters to be compatible with metal rods or plastic stakes. And, like all Rivulis Irrigation products, the Super XL is made of premium materials, resisting UV degradation and break down from exposure to chemicals and fertilizers. The Super XL Sprinkler is a great choice for orchards, vegetable fields and nurseries.


  • Slow, rotating rotor sprinkler
  • Single continuous jet stream of water
  • Uniform wetting pattern


Tornado Ray Jet Stream Spray

No moving parts to break, jam, or wear out. The Tornado line of jet stream Sprays provide dependability in numerous irrigation applications, including application in orchards and greenhouses.

The Tornado line of jet stream Sprays uses a vortex nozzle which creates a turbulent water flow throughout the large passage way. And with the turbulent flow and large passage way clogging hazards are minimized – Even at low flow rates.

The Tornado line of jet stream Sprays includes the Tornado Ray Jet Stream Spray and the Tornado Mist Spray. From young trees to established orchards, there’s a Tornado Jet Stream Spray that’s right for you. Depend on Tornado.


  • Unique vortex mechanism allows significantly large water passages minimizing clogging
  • No moving parts to break, jam, or wear out


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