Drip Lines


Hydro PC Flow Regulated Drip Line

Hydro PC Flow Regulated Drip Line is made with flow-regulating cylindrical drippers that allow growers the ability to irrigate crops in a wide range of field conditions. Whether you’re irrigating on a slope or as far as the eye can see, count of Hydro PC to deliver. The Hydro PC drippers use highly responsive floating diaphragms that regulate and maintain a constant flow rate at variable inlet pressures. Hydro PC is ideal for fields with sloping terrain or long run lengths. Because Hydro PC has a large cross-sectional labyrinth and self-cleaning mechanism, it’s highly resistant to clogging. And with two outlets per dripper, Hydro PC will continue to deliver the right amount of water, throughout the entire field.

The Hydro PC is constructed with premium resins resistant to UV degradation and damage caused from commonly used chemicals and fertilizers.

Main Features:

  • Large surface inlet filter
  • Outstanding clogging resistance for all flow rates
  • Constant inside diameter regardless of drip line wall thickness
  • Manufactured from superior durable materials ensuring longevity
  • Protected against UV degradation
  • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in agriculture
  • Conforms to emission uniformity standard ISO 9261


Drip Line Fittings

Rivulis Irrigation is making a good connection in the field with Drip Line Fittings. From an extensive line of barb fittings, reducers, elbows, and adapter, we’ve got the fitting for you. Because the fittings are so well engineered, they create a good seal and have a grip that’s hard to break.

The Drip Line Fittings are available in multiple sizes, matching up with 12, 16, 17, and 20 mm drip line and hose sizes. From the connection to the manifold or to the end of the line, we’ve got your covered.


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