F1000 Hydrocylcone Sand Separator

The F1000 Hydrocyclone Sand Separator creates a centrifugal action that moves the water around the edge of the body, throwing the sand and heavy materials to the outside of the cyclone. The heavy materials then fall into the underflow chamber to be collected. Rivulis provides the proper sized underflow chamber to match the performance of each size of hydrocyclone sand separator, preventing the collected sand from moving back into the water flow. The F1000 Hydrocyclone Sand Separators are available with several options including various flow rates and chamber sizes.


F2000 Media Filter

F2000 Media Filters (gravel or sand) are the most efficient type of filtration of water heavily contaminated with algae, organic matter and other impurities found in open reservoirs, canals and recycled water systems. The filtration occurs when the water passes through the open spaces and between sand particles, trapping the solid particles. The F2000 Media Filters use a bed of sand approximately forty centimeters deep to filter particles out of the water. The dirt particles are trapped in the open areas between the sand particles are removed during the backwash cycle. This dirt and backwash water is expelled out of the tank and into a disposal area.


F3100 Metal Screen Filter (Manual)

F3100 Metal Screen Filters (Manual) are excellent filtration choices for removing heavy inorganic particulates from water, such as sand. Manual screen filters are designed to remove particles from the water by passing the water through an open area in the screen. The dirt particles are collected on the screen and can be removed when the filter is opened and the screen is cleaned manually.

The F3100 Metal screen filters is used in conjunction with sand separators and media filter arrays as a control filter and as a back up filter in the field. The F3100 Metal Screen Filter can be used with well water that is relatively clean.


F3200 Metal Screen Filter with Hydraulic Operation


The filter has a compact body design that requires a small footprint. The flushing mechanism has several advantages including no requirement for AC power because of its hydraulic motor that powers the flushing cycle. The flushing process is done by highly efficient suction nozzles. The entire screen is exposed to the flushing process because of the continuous linear movement of the collector assembly. The F3200 Metal Screen Filter with Hydraulic operation, is used as a primary filter for water containing large quantities of dirt; up to 50 ppm and from water sources such as rivers, lakes, wells, and recycled water. These filters are self-cleaning and continue to operate during the flushing cycle.


F3300 Metal Screen Filter with Electric Operation

The F3300 Metal Screen Filters with Electric Operation are highly efficient and self-cleaning. The sintered screens are automatically cleaned with the continuous linear movement of the suction nozzles, which are driven by an electric motor. The flushing cycle of the F3300 Metal Screen Filters are actuated at a predetermined pressure differential or on a schedule using the timer. The filters continue to operate during flushing and utilize a small amount of water during flushing, making the filters very efficient.

The F3300 Metal Screen Filters with Electric Operation are used as primary filters for water containing large quantities of dirt, up to 50 ppm, and are used with water sources such as rivers, lakes, wells, and recycled water.


F3400 Metal Screen Filter with Continuous Circulation

F3400 Metal Screen Filters with Continuous Circulation are the ideal choice for applications without electricity. The F3400 Filter creates a centrifugal movement of the water to keep the screen clean during the irrigation process. The sediments collect in the lower chamber to be purged by the control valve. As a result there is no increase in head loss during operation. The flushing of the collecting chamber is done automatically by a flushing controller during the irrigation process.

The 3400 Metal Screen Filter with Continuous Circulation is used as a primary filter for water containing minimal quantity of suspended particles and from sources with good water pressure.


F3400 Metal Screen Filter with Internal Flushing Mechanism

The F3400 Metal Screen Filters with Internal flushing Mechanism (Semi-Automatic) are equipped with a manual cleaning suction mechanism. The filter is best suited for applications without a power supply. The F3400 Metal Screen Filter with Internal Flushing mechanism is easy to operate and maintain. The filters come with a mechanical differential pressure indicator that shows when the maximum recommended differential has occurred.


F3400 Metal Screen Filter with Internal Flushing Mechanism and Brushes

The F3400 Metal Screen Filter with Brushes and Internal Flushing Mechanism is manually operated and an efficient solution for locations without power supply. These models of F3400 Metal Screen Filters are equipped with a pressure gauge and a 3-way valve for easy check of head-loss. This sintered screen filter contains a manually operated brush assembly for efficient cleaning of the screen and used for sites with low pressure.


F6100 Plastic Screen Filters

Features a large filtration screen that increases the flow rate capacity and extends the time between flushing. The F6100 Plastic Screen Filters are used as primary filters in small irrigation systems and as back-up filters in field zone applications. The Screen of the F6100 Plastic Screen Filter has a molded plastic rib cage for superior strength and depending on size it is outfitted with either a twin layer stainless steel weave-wire or polyamide screen. Both the design and materials used in the F6100 allow for easy maintenance and years of high performance.

The line of the F6100 Plastic Screen Filters is available in In-Line or Angled body styles, inlet/outlet sizes from ¾”-3”, and all filters feature a 1 ¼” Drainage outlet with a plug. In addition, the 2”-3” filters feature a 11/4” drainage outlet with a plug and a stainless-steel clamp for easy maintenance and can be equipped with an optional clogging meter. The filters can be ordered with threaded or Victaulic connections and with one or two inlets.


F7000 Plastic Disc Filters

The F7000 Plastic Disc Filter is used as a primary filter for small irrigation systems and as a back-up filter for field zones. This filter can stop or retain large amount of solids from the water due to the depth feature of the disc element and the size of element. In addition, the filters utilize a flow deflecting plate that circulates water inside the filter and forces particles away from the disc elements and down to the bottom of the filter ready to be flushed out. All of these features contribute to improved filter efficiency and increased time between flushing.

The F7000 Plastic Screen Filters have a nylon body, reinforced with fiberglass, and are equipped with filtration elements stacked with polypropylene discs. The F7000 Plastic Disc Filters are available in several filtration rates and connection types, including both threaded and victaulic. The 2” and 3” filters utilize a user-friendly, stainless-steel clamp for easy maintenance. And because the F7000 Plastic Disc Filters can be flushed without tools, the filters are easy to maintain and operate for years.


F9000 Gravity Filter

F9000 Metal Gravity Filter is the ideal choice for low energy drip systems. F9000 Gravity Filters are continuous self-cleaning gravity filters and are specifically designed to deal with high load of suspended solids. The filtering method is based on gravity flow through a stainless-steel screen. The filter is designed to continuously remove dirt from screen during filtration process without interruption to filtered water supply. The efficient self-cleaning process combines rotating cleaning jets assembly which blows away the dirt from the screen and into raw water flow that sweeps the dirt from the screen surface to the dirt collection cell.


Self-Cleaning Suction Strainer, Pre-Filtration Strainer

This strainer has been designed and manufactured to achieve the highest standards of quality and finish. The strainer is used as a preliminary filter to a water pump inlet. Due to its self-cleaning operation, this strainer reduces the pump’s maintenance and increases significantly its efficiency. The self-cleaning suction strainer is designed to protect the pump from clogging by debris and solid dirt. It is connected prior to the pump inlet and submerged in the water source (river, lake, reservoir etc.).


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