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Energizer E92LP-16 Battery, 1.5 V Battery, 1250 mAh, AAA Battery, Alkaline, Manganese Dioxide, Zinc Formulated to provide dependable, long-lasting power. Use in toys, audio devices, flashlights, electronic devices, remote control communication devices, smoke detectors and security systems. Plastic label jacket. Up to 80% capacity remaining after 7 years of storage. 1.5 V, 25 mA continuous drain at rated capacity. Operating temperature 0 to 130 deg F. Carded. Protects against damaging leaks for up to 2 years after fully used when left in low-drain devices Holds power for up to 10 years in storage No added mercury or cadmium

Additional Info

Width: 12.063
Height: 5.375
Length: 9.125
Weight: 0.442
Suitable for: Games, Digital Audio, Lighting
Operating Temperature: 0 to 130 deg F
Dimensions: 0.413 in Dia x 1.752 in L
Case Material: Plastic
Battery Chemistry: Alkaline, Manganese Dioxide, Zinc
Battery Size: AAA
Battery Capacity: 1250 mAh
Battery Voltage: 1.5 V
Terminal Type: Flat Contact
Internal Impedance: 150 to 300 mOhm
Shelf Life: 10 years
Rechargeable: No


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