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Sta-Bil 22214 Fuel Stabilizer, 32 oz, Bottle Blend of additives prevents fuel from deteriorating. Stops the formation of varnish and prevents corrosion. Use in any vehicle or power equipment used infrequently or stored for more than 60 days. Also treats fuel in gas cans or storage tanks and ensures quick, easy starts in all 2- and 4-cycle engines. Use in gas, gas/oil mixes, oxygenated fuel and reformulated gas. 1 oz. keeps 2-1/2 gal fresh for 12 months, 10 oz. treats 25 gal, 16 oz. treats 40 gal and 32 oz. treats 80 gal. Keeps fuel fresh for quick, easy starts after storage Removes water to prevent corrosion and cleans carburetors and fuel injector Protects engine from gum, varnish, rust, and corrosion Prolongs engine life Eliminates the need to drain fuel before storage For all 2 cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engine

Additional Info

Width: 12.75
Height: 10.81
Length: 15.19
Weight: 1.27
Color: Red
Net Content: 32 oz
Container Type: Bottle
Odor/Scent: Solvent
Compositions: Distillates (Petroleum), Hydrotreated Light, Proprietary Additives
Viscosity: 3 cSt
VOC Content: 1
Flash Point: >141.5 deg F
Boiling Point: 180 deg F
Specific Gravity: 0.8
Vapor Density: >1
Relative Density: 0.8
Vapor Pressure: 97 mmHg