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Bonide 629 Hornet and Yellow Jacket Killer Foam, Liquid, Spray Application, 15 oz Aerosol Can Jet foaming shoots 20 ft above ground. Envelops biting and stinging insects in an entrapping foam and drops them instantly. Coats nest for complete kill. Residual action kills insects returning to nest. Water-based formula. May be used indoors in places like attics, where nests are commonly built. Also kills hornets, fire ants, spiders (including black widow spiders), scorpions, crickets, ants, fleas, ticks, centipedes, earwigs, flies and mosquitoes. Contains tetramethrin (1- cyclohexene-1.2 dicarboximido) methyl 2.2-dimethyl-3 and Sumithrin (3-Phenoxybenzyl) -2, 2-dimethyl-3 as active ingredients.

Additional Info

Width: 10.8
Height: 10
Length: 8.3
Weight: 1.1667
Color: Milky
Form: Liquid
Net Content: 15 oz
Container Type: Aerosol Can
Odor/Scent: Mild Sweet
Compositions: Petroleum Gases (Liquified, Sweetened), Isopar-m, Tetramethrin, d-Phenothrin
Application Method: Spray
pH Range: 6.5