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Prestone AS-250 Windshield Washer Fluid, 1 gal Bottle Formulated for even the coldest winters. Removes light ice and frost, won't freeze up in the washer reservoir at temperatures as low as -34 deg F and guards against refreeze on the windshield. Provides windshield cleaning performance in the messiest of winter weather conditions. Trademarked yellow color.

Additional Info

Width: 15.76
Height: 12.17
Length: 12.92
Weight: 8.46
Color: Clear Yellow
Net Content: 1 gal
Container Type: Bottle
Odor/Scent: Sweet Alcohol
Compositions: Ethylene Glycol, Methyl Alcohol (Methanol), Silicone Copolymer
Flash Point: 90 to 98 deg F
Boiling Point: 178 to 179 deg F
Specific Gravity: 0.95
pH Range: 5
Vapor Density: >1
Relative Density: 0.94 to 95
Vapor Pressure: 96 mmHg